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Why choose our team?

Dynamic Visual Storytelling

 Our team excels in capturing the unique atmosphere, passion, and magic of live performances. Whether it's the intensity of the crowd, the artistry of the performers, or the overall ambiance, our visuals tell a compelling story that resonates with audiences.

We cover concerts with vertically recorded video (horizontal if requested of course!) so that the quality is maximized for social media usage, tik tok, instagram, etc. Our team creates fun and quirky moments to be used for socials, and encourages ideas to be used for quick content production. This focus shows an artists personality and helps fans connect further with them!

A Focus on Social Media Content

Versatility in Media Production

We provide both photography and videography services, offering a complete package to showcase your event in all its glory. From breathtaking stills that freeze the most memorable moments to engaging videos that bring the concert to life, we've got your visual needs covered.

High end Equipment and Industry Expertise

Armed with top-tier cameras, lighting, and audio equipment, and the knowledge and experience of working with artist teams and festival teams, we ensure that every shot and frame meets the highest standards of quality and respect for the artist and performance. Our team is dedicated to delivering visuals that not only capture the moment but also reflect the essence of your unique artistic expression.


Wide angle

Behind the Scenes

Close ups